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if I cannot fly let me sing!

happy birthday, Jess

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ohfantine said: i donr know what that is but meeee

hehe :) its a console game

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anyone wanna play destiny with me? lol (i mean not today but you know)

(also maybe not that many on right now so im gonna ask again tomorrow)


Anna O’Byrne in different Christine wardrobes: 

Left: Phantom of the Opera World Tour (understudy), 
Middle: Love Never Dies (principal), 
Right: Phantom of the Opera West End (alternate). 

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The logic of those who’s never felt how your own mind is tearing you apart and even getting in the shower feels like Mount Everest, and those two hours in the theatre is the only rest the mind ever gets darnit!


and i mean it doesnt even fucking matter because i would lose the money anyway because theyre gonna ask way too much of me, but losing it because of THIS makes me so fucking angry. but ugh whatever im on the wrong thing anyway aap is totally the wrong allowance for me because theres no way im gonna be able to work ever so… but im sure i wont “qualify” for uførepensjon (writing english and throwing in some norwegian words makes total sense right oops) sooo guess im just gonna go without any money and keep leeching off my parents who barely have anything themselves. yay

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yeah if i’m able to travel and see musicals that make me happy and is the only fucking thing i got left to make me happy  i definitely should be able to go to a meeting where they’ll make me desperately want to kill myself. yes that makes total sense you piece of shit. is it your job to help people or make them as miserable as possible? hm guess we’ve figured that out huh

no more money for me apparently

Thats really weird my reply wont show up for me on that post but when i edit it it says its there so uhh if it doesnt then again; thank you and thank you for saying something about it :)

technicolordreamgoat said: I have this exact same problem. Mine seems to be a combination of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a mood disorder. I would also recommend seeing someone if possible. I’m not a fan of doctors, but I am a fan of getting better. <3

yes i’ve realised that i really should. ive been pushing it away and dismissing it as “just” depression for a long time now but honestly i dont think it is and its been well over a year now i think so yeaaahh i think its definitely time


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maybe you could try and go to a doctor, love? :

yeah thats probably a good idea

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