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thefleetstreetvicomte said: I’ve had the same problem with her page too so it’s not just you Iben :)

huh well thats really weird.

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ohfantine said: aaah already? sniff sniiff

yeaahh :\ i’ll be back again as soon as i can though.

(also i sent you a message on fb, idk if it got through or if you just havent looked? :p)

aaand also your blog page has been down for me the whole day whats up with that??

hoome :3

@thefleetstreetvicomte ikr ive made such a fool of myself by not bringing one ;) oh the shame

I wouldve put this shit under a read more if i could

Well i had a really fun experience at matilda. So the two adult people next to me spoke LOUDLY and just never shut up. So i shushed at them and they laughed and said “well thats rude” and kept fucking talking. And at intermission the mother confronted me about “talking that way to her daughter” and was being a really big fucking asshole to me. I fucked shushed you because you wouldnt fucking shut up, yeah how rude of ME ???? Anyway i know i shouldnt given a shit because seriously… But well anxiety. Soo yeah i spent rest of the time there crying silently and barely could keep myself from hyperventilating. And they still kept fucking talking oh my god. So yeah kinda hard to concentrate. And after it finished i rushed out and i started crying and hyperventilating really bad in the middle of the fucking street surrounded by people. That was REALLY fun. Ugh. The woman sitting next to me on the other side came up to me after and said that that woman was horrible to me and that she hoped i was ok. that was really nice though.

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Didnt exactly bring a scanner to london so..

@iadoremusicals haha kjenner godt til det “problemet” xD

@iadoremusicals tusen takk :D (er jaggu nok at jeg må snakke engelsk her, gidder ikke svare deg på engelsk :p)

Also got a pic with Wendy but weeell ive never seen a more blurry pic ever xD


why do I only look okay at midnight on my way back from stuff?

Excuse me but youve looked great all day so
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